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A Heartjourney to Hawaii

February 19 - March 2, 2019

Lead by Mariann Spoerri and Zoe Schoemaker (NL)

If you're open to receive the fullness of life and to follow the voice of your inner guidance, then this journey might be right for you. The great presence of the elements, the joyful play of the dolphins and the beauty of Hawaii's nature allows you to meet the nature of your own being in a new and deep way.

We will be guided:

imageby the fire power of 'Pele', the volcano goddess

by the playfulness and the love of the dolphinsimage

by the old presence of the whales

by the widsom of our mother earth, deep down in the caves of this island

by the warm and carrying water of the hot ponds in Puna, 


and by the spirituality of the Hawaiian people which is so connected to the nature

We will hike to powerful places of Hawaii. The meditations will allow the strong outer impressions to find their way into our innermost being. Rituals and songs let us express our gratitude and to honor the place and ourselves.

In Hawaii the power of creation is very close to you. PELE, the goddess of volcano leads the solid into motion.


The lava flows. The old is dying and the new is birthing. If you feel that a change is waiting for you in your life and that you are open to receive yourself in a new way, then this island will be a great midwife for you. Most people experience here a big support in going with the flow of ever changing life.

"The river is always there, nothing gets lost, only the water is new."

imageAnd there is a lot of water in Hawaii. There are rivers, waterfalls and the big ocean with its playful dolphins. It is a wonderful gift to swim, surrounded by them. They will teach you to play again and they will bring you back into the harmony of being one with everything. If you do swim once eye to eye with a dolphin, then you will know again, that love and joy are in your heart.

Mariann-Jesua Spoerri ...