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Phases of the Journey

Arrival on Big Island-Hawaii in Kailua-Kona. The Big Island is the youngest and largest island of the chain of Hawaiian islands. It is the only one, on which a continous lava activity is happening.


7 Days in South Kona at the oceanside for arriving, resting, snorkeling. Meetings with dolphins and Whales (Whales are only here in wintertime).

Trips to the wild and picturesque valleys in the north and to the Volcano National Park:


Hiking through the rainforest and and over the black lava fields of the wide calderas of Kilauea crater. Hiking to the red glowing fresh lava-flow of Pele, the volcano goddess.


3 days Puna: Bathing in warm ponds, snorkeling, visiting a very special cave, Hawaiian ceremonies.

Returning home according to your own plans.

Individual Needs

The Size of the group varies from 8 to 14 persons so that there will be enough space to meet individual needs. There will also be enough space to spend time alone, if you like to do so.

Except the sharing circles, all activities are based on free choice, if catching up with travel time is possible. Hiking times are between 2 and 4 hours. Based on personal preferences they can be shortened or left out, dependent on available transportation.

Sharing Circles :

Since we spend a lot of time together we want to share ourselves with each other and taking care of our mutual needs. There will be space to share what we want to share, so we can inspire each other.


In 2-bed rooms in the most beautiful spots near to the dolphins, with garden and view to the ocean.


Our cook provides us with a lovingly prepared dinner and is doing the shopping for the brunch and picnic, which we prepare ourselves.